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Since opening in 2017 as home tution class, we have been engaging with some very young beautiful young minds, helping them to discover their intelligent and innovative side. We ginuinely love to listen to these young and beutiful minds, understand their feelings, hurdles and motivate them to get through any negative thoughts and help them to focus on realizing their dreams. We are trained and experienced teachers. We believe in learning, sharing, training, innvoating and spreading joy.


Our Services

We Help in Realizing Your Dreams

We believe in the saying "Will Power Defeats All Power"

Career growth and development concept wi
Stairs with pencil for effort and challe


Learn | Share | Innovate | Spread Joy

We specialize in teaching Karnataka State Board and CBSE syllabus. At present we are only focussing on Classes 8 to 10. 
We expertise in Math, Science and
Social Science.
We are known for -
Innovative Online Tutoring Techniques
Personalized Care
Focussed Classes
Softskill Developement
Counselling and Mentoring
Easy Tips & Tricks
Creating Mental Models and Mind Maps


Educational and Mental Health Counselling

We would love to listen to all our students, disuss on their fears, issues and concerns. Help them to overcome  these negative thoughts. We also celebrate their achievements as ours.

We know the concerns of most of the parents on gadget addiction of their children (like mobile, TVs etc). We would love to work with both parents and their children to build a goal based incentive system.

We also listen to our students ideas and build on them.

We do suggest career paths in greater details based on our students goal.

Soft Skill Developement

A Leader with a Beautiful Mind

We mentor our students to build on their softskills, leadership qualities, and Team work.


Our Servies

We Help In Realizing Your Dreams

Computer Tutorials
Meditation by the Sea

Junior Coding

Taught by IT Professionals 

Taught by IT Professionals for both Junior and Senior students in the areas of
App Developement, Game Developement, Website Development, Robotics, IOT etc.
We focus on buidling Creativity, Logical Thinking, Algorithmic Approach, Brain Storming on Ideas, Using Tools and Technologies and Problem Solving Skills.

Aptitude Training

High School/PU Level

Introducing Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and Lateral Thinking early, benfits the kids succeed very early in their career.

Dhyan, Pranayama, Shlokas, Devotional Songs and Folklore Songs Teaching

For Our Health and Wellness

Early introduction to our culture and spirituality. Proven Health and Wellness activity.

Blue Hummingbird

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